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Your custom branding. Add logo to the entrance, and let us make you a big sign above the pavilion. We just need your design. We'll take care of the rest.

Why can't exhibition spaces be great pieces of architecture?


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With a minimalist approach and with a care for detail and high material quality - the pavilion is very true to it's Scandinavian design origin. We aimed to create a lightweight wooden structure which could work as a transparent envelope. Opaque enough to catch peoples attention about the inside, and calm enough to tell a story on the inside.


No screws, nails, or glue. The whole pavilion clicks together. Everything fits on a single pallet for easy storage and transport.


The pavilion is made from high-quality birch plywood. We will cut it for you in our woodshop in Copenhagen, Denmark, or it can be cut locally in workshop with a CNC machine.


A unique Danish design with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Combined with your own branding it will be the center of attention - guaranteed.


The X pavilion gets it's name from the iconic assembling technique designed to work without the need for screws or glue. Everything fits together with a friction fit. The letter "X" also symbolizes the common unknown variable from algebra. With the possible of each pavilion to have a custom identity.

Each pavilion is handmade. First cut on a CNC machine and then sanded, treated and packed by hand. When the pavilion is made with LEDs all of the electronics are also glued and soldered all by hand in our facilities in Denmark.

  • Height273cm (9 ft)
  • DiameterExternal: 794cm (26 ft)
    Internal: 628cm (20 ft)
  • Weight470kg (1036 lbs)
  • Assembly time8 hours
  • Disassemble time2 hours


  • Height273cm (9 ft)
  • DiameterExternal: 794cm (26 ft)
    Internal: 628cm (20 ft)
  • Weight470kg (1036 lbs)
  • MaterialThickness: 9mm Birch plywood
  • Footprint31 m2 (333 ft2)
  • DoorsThe X pavilion comes with 1-3 doors
  • Manual constructionA manual will be provided when purchased, with easy to follow instructions. Each piece is marked for easy construction. The pavilion is made of 17 repeating segments
  • Assembly time8 hours
  • Disassemble time2 hours
  • ShippingWe ship to the whole world, delivery time will vary. Contact us for an ETA for your country
  • Delivery timeManufacturing + Shipping time will take between 3-4 weeks. Express service is available. Contact us before making a purchase
  • Engraved logoWe just need a file of your logo, then we'll make a cutting pattern from that. The higher resolution we can get the better
  • StorageThe X pavilion will be shipped in it's storage box. The box fits on a standard wooden Pallet. The dimensions of the storage and transportation box is 150x120x80cm (59x47x31.5 inches)
  • LED light addonThe pavilion can be created with LED lights which are animated. We can custom make animations upon request. The lights a recessed into the wood, and comes pre-installed in all of the segments. The LED strips contain 7200 unique controlled 7200 RGB LEDs in the 120 meters (393 ft) of LED strip orbiting inside the pavilion


Reserve your X pavilion today for only $1.000. Your $1.000 fully refundable reservation secures your place in the queue. When your X pavilion is ready to be cut, we will reach out to you via email to collect final payment, minus the $1.000 reservation fee. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

  • Fully RefundableYour $1.000 fully refundable reservation secures your place in the queue.
  • Non-transferableReservations are non-transferable.
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