The people behind X pavilion



 +45 21 85 10 39

 Istedgade 98, 1650 Copenhagen, Denmark

About us

The X pavilion is designed by us, SAGA Studio. We are an architecture studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. SAGA Specializes in Space Architecture and have worked on NASA sponsored projects. The Aesthetic of the X pavilion started with the inspiration of an Award Winning Moon Habitat Designed which we designed in 2018.

We call our approach to architecture and design Terra-Tech.

Terra meaning ‘earth’ and tech ‘technology’.

It stems from our fundamental belief in technology and its ability to bring us closer to elegant and functional solutions akin to those found in nature.

We use the most advanced tools in our design and construction. Ranging from Topology optimization and generative design to 3D printing and Holographic assembly. However, we retain a deep respect and appreciation for our biological, social and cultural heritage. Technology should enhance our creations not dictate them. We look at nature as much as possible, and it is often our starting point. Nothing beats the design process of millions of years of evolution.